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Rachel Newsletter: August 2013

Rachel Dickson artist enewsletter

Issue: August 7, 2013       

We're attached to what?:


Greetings, Art Lovers!

I think one of life's biggest challenges is letting go.
This very idea leads to some very intriguing questions. Why do we attach ourselves to some things and not others? Places, people, jobs, hobbies, habits, status, stuff. And why is it way easy to let go of some of these things and not others?

We all aspire to become better people, to eat better, to exercise more, to improve our financial status, to embrace true love, etc.  Yet often times we are our own roadblock to the very thing we SAY we are seeking to attain or to let go of.  AND often times we hold on with a death grip to things that we KNOW stifle our creativity, our health, our career, our very aspirations.

I'm not a psychologist so I cannot explain the deeper reasoning as to why I might get attached to one thing and you another. Or why it's easier for you to let go of something and damn near impossible for me to let go of that same thing. (Why can some smokers stop cold turkey and others cold turkey attempts fail every time?)

Yet in the spirit of moving forward in life, the fact of the matter is, if we don't let go, we're gonna be dragged.  And what hurts more?  Being dragged by it...or actually the letting go of it? (Whatever "it" is.)

When I sit and seriously contemplate this topic of attachment and letting go I often look at wild birds.  Birds carry nothing with them. In fact, the only thing that they ever collect might be some branches and fluff to build a temporary nest...and then most abandon it and move on after its no longer needed.  Birds don't hoard food either.  They flit about and eat what they find along their way.  On an as needed basis.  What FAITH right?

Makes me laugh to think how much we as humans can hoard. We hoard friends, we hoard experiences, we hoard stuff!  I think I want to be more like the birds.  And yet, even in my saying this...I know it's easier said than done.

Mark Nepo, author of The Book of Awakening says, "There is no point to holding on to the deepest things that matter, for they have already shaped us. The purpose of sentiment, then is to release the powerful feelings that sleep in us. Sometimes books and cards and shells and dried flowers do this. But often we carry more than we need, seldom trusting that what these small treasures represent is already living within us."

So here's to flow, and allowing and letting go and embracing life moment by moment and seeking to enjoy every juicy bit of it. To not drag it along with us or be dragged along by it either.

I think creating art is a form of this.  The process is all about flow and letting go and not trying to control too much...but to allow and let it unfold before us.

What do you think?





What's HOT outta Rachel's Art Studio?:


The Council Tree, by artist Rachel DicksonIntroducing original paintings, abstract on wood! If you are an avid art collector OR if you've been an art lover and have yet to start your personal collection, these little pieces are perfect! Seven inches by seven inches?  Five inches by five inches? We all have space in our homes or office for a painting to fit that size. Which is why I opted to paint small. Affordable too!


To get a closer look, simply click on any of the images below.

The Art and Fun Blog:


Click here to read Rachel Dickson's blog
"Fun is good."   Dr. Suess

"Art is fun."   Rachel Dickson

The Rachel's daily Blog is full of such personal inspirations and aspirations and fun moments. You will find daily musings, announcements of paintings fresh from the studio, adventure recaps, and much more at Rachel's blog. Certainly the most comprehensive place online that you'll find the goings-on with Rachel.

Go, Do, BE!

Click here to view Rachel's Blog


PINK, ahhhhh!:


If you didn't already know this about me, I'm not a really big fan of pink.  However, before you let this bother you in any way...I may be changing my mind a bit. Shhhhhh, don't tell anyone though. I have a tough exterior reputation to uphold. Yet, I recently discovered that painting with pink is kinda fun.

Measuring 3.75"x 2.50" this original abstract painting would be a great accent to any part of your home, place of work or place of play.Click here to view Leaping in Bounds

Original Abstract Art!

Or need a little artsy gift to give that special someone? Give ART!

Click here to view "Leaping in Bounds."


Local Galleries:


Pictured here, Angelwood Gallery in Grand Rapids, OHI don't know, but there seems to be something very validating to an artist hearing an art gallery say, "yes, we will sell your art here."

Well, I'm thrilled to have two local galleries display and sell my work here in Ohio!

Angelwood Gallery, Grand Rapids, OH
(Thank you to Julie Beutler, owner of Angelwood, for supporting the local arts!)

Silver Lining Gallery, Waterville, OH
(Thank you to Sherry Seiler & Lisa Exner, co-owners of Silver Lining Gallery, for supporting the local arts!)

If you are in the area of either of these galleries, check em out!
You'll be glad you did.




When neither choice is the one you want to make, how do you go about choosing?

I had a run-in with a skunk in the chicken barn a short while back and I tell the whole story in my blog. Click here if you'd like to read what happened.

In the mean time, I hope you've had a great summer! I know mine has been full of some great adventures.  And I'll tell more of those stories in newsletters to come.

Until next time...enjoy your life! After all...we are the ones creating it.



Questions? Comments? Snide Remarks?
email rachel at racheldickson.com



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