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Rachel Newsletter: December 2012

Rachel Dickson artist enewsletter

Issue: December 07, 2012       

Happy Holidays!


Cheerio, Art Lovers!

From me to you, Happy Holidays and a very Merry Christmas!
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from artist Rachel Dickson
May it be full of bright, cheery, artsy, merry-ness for you and yours!

The Holiday season means different things to different people. And each of us have our preferred traditions, whether it be family gatherings with big meals, throwing fun parties, volunteering for a local charity, or taking a beach vacation. Whatever it is that you will be doing this season...may it be nothing less than Stellar!

Merry Christmas!





For the birds:


House Wren, by artist Rachel DicksonSomehow or other I stumbled upon the idea of painting little birds. And my what a hit they've become and SOOOO fun to paint! Wrens, Hummingbirds, Cardinals, and Finches all such fun little feathered friends to work with.

"House Wren-the Watchman" is a 5.00 inch by 5.00 inch original painting on wood.

Ready to add artistic flair to any work, play or home space.

Click here to get a closer look at "House Wren"!


Artists that I LIKE!


Mark Langan, artistYou really have to see this art to believe it! Mark Langan creates fine art using corrugated card-board. Yep, recycling at its BEST!

You may likely recognize this image on the right to be a depiction of Edvard Munch's-The Scream and you would be correct!

Mark Langan not only has an extremely unique medium, but his artistic flair is exceptional. (I kinda dig he's from Ohio too!)

Take a five-minute art break and check out his work. It's COOL!

Click here to learn more about Mark Langan's corrugated art.


The Adventures of Rachel Blog:


Click here to read Rachel Dickson's blog
"Adventure is worthwhile in itself."   Amelia Earhart

Rachel's Blog is chocked full of her personal inspirations and aspirations and fun moments.
You will find daily musings, announcements of paintings fresh from the studio, adventure recaps, and much more at Rachel's blog. Certainly the most comprehensive place online that you'll find the goings-on with Rachel.

Go, Do, BE!

Click here to view Rachel's Blog


Is artistic spirit alive & well? you BET!


This is simply COOL! Street art by Max Zorn making tape artStreet art, more specifically grafitti art has been gaining ground as a viable, sought after art form ESPECIALLY in the last ten years or so. But I have NEVER seen anything like THIS! Packing tape street art? Meet Max Zorn!

On how Max came up with the idea:
"There's a lot of great street art by day," says Max Zorn, "but it disappears after dark. I wanted to come up with urban art that uses nighttime as a setting, and there was nothing more inviting than the street lamps in Amsterdam."

Take a 2 minutes art break and check out Max Zorn by clicking on the image above! Or visit his website at maxzorn.com  Artists creating art...for the love of art!

Click here to view packing tape art by Max Zorn!


Gift it, Grab it!


Table for Two, by Artist Rachel DicksonLooking to view and purchase Rachel's art? Seek and ye shall find! Click on the image to the right or the link below to go to Rachel's online art store! Pssst, her art is very affordable too!

Abstracts, Wine art, birds...come check it out. The gift giving season is just around the corner.

Click here to shop online at Rachel's Art Store.


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Bits and bobs from an Artist's Studio:


Waiting for paint to dry. This is part of the process for any painter.

And then there's the issue of your paint drying too fast...definitely an artform within the artform. Too fast, not fast enough...it's a moving, living, breathing, in-the-moment creative experience...to paint.

Creating art is a process. A very layered process. For me, painting contains about 10% fabulous fun! The other 90% is a layered process all motivated to get you to that 10%.

What do I mean? Well, for me, prepping the canvas involves prepping the surface of the wood I'm using, painting a base coat, waiting for it to dry, and then adding in the background layers (I mainly paint from back to front) of the painting...all before I get to actually paint what I want to paint. It's a process. And yet...in some weird way...we artists like the process. In fact...I dare say the process of creating is why we do what we do. Along the way there are always little problems that pop up too...so problem solving is a MUCH needed artistic skill. The finished product is just the icing on the cake.

And when your piece of art is completed...the "aahhhh" moment is exuberating! The really cool part of this...is that art is a gift that keeps on giving. Because to the artist it's about the process, yet to the art enthusiast, it's about enjoying the finality of that piece of art.

Shoot me your thoughts on the topic of the layers of the painting process...I'd love to hear your feedback.

email rachel at racheldickson.com




Happy Holidays from racheldickson.com
You guessed it. This photo has a story behind it. Chris and I visited the Tennessee Aquarium in Chattanooga a while back and we captured this photo of these adorable penguins.

But not until afterwards while looking through the photos did we BOTH burst out into laughter as we realized that these two lil penguins reminded us of each other. The taller one being Chris of course...and me being the short squatty one close by. Oh the captions this photo could inspire!!

We still laugh at this photo...and how perfectly spaced this little group of penguins are as if they were posing for an album cover shoot...and how much they look representative of our family!

Nonetheless, we both wish you all a very merry Christmas and may you capture some stellar fun photos throughout the season.

So as we all head into the holidays together...I wish to encourage you to close out the year 2012 with a bang. Don't wait until 2013 (if you can help it)...don't put off that thing you've been wanting to try. Go! Be! Do! LIVE! (and wear fun hats!)

Until next time...embrace your life! After all...you are the ones creating it.



Questions? Comments? Snide Remarks?
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