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Rachel Newsletter: February 2013

Rachel Dickson artist enewsletter

Issue: February 28, 2013       

Did you SEE that?:


Greetings, Art Lovers!

I think it would be fair to say that we all take pleasure in the moments when nature wows us in the "holy-cow-that-was-amazingly-beautiful" sort of manner.  This happened to Chris
full moon in Feb 2013and I a few days ago when we were walking along the road in front of our house in the early evening and I happened to look up and take a quick glance at the horizon and was immediately struck with awe! So much so that I stopped dead in my tracks and said to Chris while pointing at the sky, "LOOK at THAT!" Just beginning to peak out over the horizon was this crazy-huge orange moon!  Did any of you see it too? We both stood in the road and stared like mesmerized children witnessing our first ever magic trick.

And yet this is sort of funny to me. I think most of us have seen at least one of these huge red moons rise over the horizon...and yet we are STILL surprised if we see one of these again. I am most amazed that nature holds in her hands the power to stop me dead in my tracks with some beautiful display like this one. Thank you, Universe, for sharing your beauty with us and thank you too that we aren't too busy to notice.

Go, Be, Do!




Summer in the air?:


Signs of Summer American Robin, by artist Rachel DicksonDepending upon what part of the country you live in, you may be feeling some of the same wintry-ugness that we are feeling here in Northwest Ohio.

I am soooo ready for warmer temps, sunny skies and the fresh air of Summer! This of course is what came to mind while I painted this American Robin yesterday. He's certainly a happy fella!

"Signs of Summer-American Robin" is a 5.00 inch by 4.75 inch original painting on wood, affordably priced at only $38.50!

Ready to add artistic flair to any work, play or home space.

Click here to get a closer look at "Signs of Summer"!

To get a closer look at Rachel's other paintings, simply click on any of the images below.

WHAT did THEY say?:



COOL friends...and...well...crap!:


Cool Friend Kelly Summersett, Fitness Guru
Well crap. Last month I attempted to feature my cool fitness guru friend Kelly Summersett and her passion for fitness. However, the link to her site completely failed. dangit!

So...my apologies to Kelly and to readers out there unable to get to her site (gotta love some technology).

Therefore without further ado...visit FitbyKelly here:

Visit the cool friends page on my site with accolades to Kelly here:


NEW Audio Blog is here!


Click here to visit Rachel Dickson's audio blog
"Sound is FUN!"  Rachel Dickson

And just what the heck is an Audio Blog you might ask? So glad you did! I think most everyone now-a-days knows what a blog is...and an audio blog is like, well, an audio version. A quick 2-5 minute blurb covering various topics.

Check it out.

Click here to visit Rachel's NEW Audio Blog


007 Inspired Art?


Original paintings are in and of themselves mostly cool, and the inspiration for new creations can come from just about anywhere. This new piece was inspired by none other than James Bond and all those crazy-wild opening credit sequences we've all seen while watching 007 movies. As a sidebar, I discovered that the Los Angeles County Museum of Art hosted an exhibition of images from the opening sequences of over twenty James Bond films produced.
(click here to learn more)

This colorful abstract painting titled "Essence" is fresh out of Rachel's art studio!Essence, by Artist Rachel Dickson

6.75 inches by 6.25 inches this piece would make a fabulous artistic addition to your work space or home collection!

Click to learn more about this piece & Rachel's Art for sale

Onward and upward for the arts!



Owls...who, who?


Patient in the Woods, Eastern Screech Owl by Artist Rachel DicksonLet's face it...owls are cool! They're like "the Fonz" of the bird world. Well respected in nature (probably because they can do some serious damage to rodents and other birds) these mysterious birds are worth researching.

Every heard an owl in the wild with your own ears? Click and Take a listen where you can hear some pretty neato sound bites of the Great Horned Owl, the Barred Owl and the Eastern Screech Owl.


Click here to visit the "sale" gallery and view this piece.

To listen to Rachel's audio blog click here.


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the story of the hood
I decided to leave you with a story that I wrote almost exactly two years ago and is STILL resonating with me today.

The "Why is this hood interrupting my......." story.

Since I don't want to bore you with anything you might not really be interested in...I'm just gonna link to it here so you can click over and read it if you'd like or you can skip it.

For those of you who are as intrigued with this ole car hood as I was...
click here to read the story

Until next time...enjoy your life! After all...we are the ones creating it.



Questions? Comments? Snide Remarks?
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