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Rachel Newsletter: June 2013

Rachel Dickson artist enewsletter

Issue: June 18, 2013       

What did you just ask me?


Cheerio, Art Lovers!

I was at the doctor's office for a routine physical a few days ago and I was asked a strange question. Likely I was impressed by this question because I had just answered a slew of medical history questions...and then here came this one that seemed so out of the norm.

"What do you have planned for the summer?"

What? What did you just ask me? Yet...when it comes to our health, why not? It makes perfect sense that our personal health is DIRECTLY linked to the activities we do or don't choose to participate in.

In the spirit of this question I will tell you what I told her...camping trips, kayaking, swimming, hiking, lots of soft serve ice cream from the Twisty Freeze in Delta (a summer MUST activity!), participating in various art shows, lots of new paintings on the horizon, and whatever other fun I can pack into it.

Not just for our physical health or just for our mental health but for our spiritual health it's critical that we choose to do things every-so-often that FILL our cups. So here's to stopping to smell the roses, free-falling into a pool of deep water and other fun activities this summer!

In the mean time, go be do!!




This is for the birds!


Big Red by artist Rachel DicksonIntroducing Rachel's newest original abstract painting on wood!

"Big Red" (American Robin) is a 4.75 inch by 6.00 inch (about the size of a cd case) original wildlife painting on wood.

Full of color and ready to add artistic flair to any work, play or home space.

Click here to get a closer look at "Big Red"!

Check out Rachel's COOL friends:


Click here to view Rachel's COOL Friends page
I don't think we give enough credit to where credit is due. Nor do I think it really cool that most accolades aren't given until AFTER those who've inspired us or left an impression on us one-way-or-another are gone. With that in mind, I've created a page on my website where I've begun listing some of those people. Titled "Cool Friends", it's on that page (obviously an evolving project) that I begin to tell their stories.

Click here to meet Rachel's COOL friends.


Shop Art:


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Looking to view and purchase Rachel's art? Seek and ye shall find! Click on the image to the right or the link below to go to Rachel's online art store!

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Audio Blog is HERE!


Rachel's Audio BlogIt's HERE!!! I've been wanting to start working with audio again in an effort to create more substantial dialogue with art fans...and FINALLY it's HERE!

So far there are four episodes none of which is longer than five minutes. Feel free to share a topic you'd like to hear about. I'm always seeking fun material.

Click here to take a quick listen to the audio blurbs.




Life seems to be full of movement and flow. This piece titled, "Essence" represents what we are when everything is stripped away. Just us, floating. Measuring 6.75"x6.25" this mini-abstract would be a great accent to that part of your home you need a little bit of purple.Click here to view Essence

Mini-Abstract Art!

Or need a little artsy gift to give that special someone? Give ART!

Click here to view "Essence"


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Rachel Dickson, word seek
I consider myself a word-junkie. Since we as humans use words to communicate (among other ways) I'm always looking for the right word to plug into a moment, to describe an image, or to share a fabulous experience.
Books are my playground. Chris makes fun of me because I have so many different library cards. But what can I say, articulating via word is an art form and where better to collect words than at the library?
Ironically, words in art is trending fast and furiously right now. So it appears to me that words have some visual power at the moment.
Some of my recent favorites are "austerity" and "revivify" to name a few. What are some of your favorites?
In the mean time, create new things. Express yourself!



Questions? Comments? Snide Remarks?
email rachel at racheldickson.com



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